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    Initial: For any emergency, I give permission to Velocity Staff members to call 911

    Annual Membership Fee is $25 Per Family

    Includes Special Membership Fee For: Vacation, Summer Camp, Birthday Parties, and other activities throughout the year

    Class Tuition

    45 Minutes Per Week
    60 Minutes Per Week
    90 Minutes Per Week

    $65 Monthly
    $70 Monthly
    $80 Monthly

    Ballet & Acro Tuition

    60 Minutes Per Week
    45 Minutes Pointe Per Week

    $75 Monthly
    $70 Monthly


    3+ Hours 10%

    Dance Program Request




    Payment Options:

    Credit Card


    I agree and understand Velocity Dance Company Inc., will charge my account the total tuition amount reflected above on the last day or the 1st of the month of September-June. 30 days written notice must be given to request auto payment to be terminated. Any tuition that has not been paid by the 15th of each month will have a late fee of $25. By signing, I am accepting all responsibility for these charges and to ensure full payment to Velocity Dance Company. I will immediately notify Velocity Dance Company if the card provided is no longer valid and will provide a new alternative payment. I present that I am the authorized cardholder.
    Velocity Dance Company takes the utmost care of all students during class, however, there are possibilities of an accident occurring. In order to deal with any type of emergency, we require all parents or guardian to sign this consent and emergency release form.

    I certify that my child is in proper physical condition to take part in any dance activities Velocity Dance Company Inc., offers. I realize there are certain risks that might happen when dancing. I agree to assume the risk of all injuries, illnesses, or damages that may arise from my child’s participation in the dance activities of Velocity Dance Company Inc.
    I hereby release and hold harmless Velocity Dance Company Inc., their teachers and directors from and against any liability or claim for any loss of property, misadventure, harm, cost or damage sustained as a result of my child’s participation in Velocity Dance Company Inc., classes and activities.

    I have read and understand this release



    Initial: Yes, I approve for Velocity Dance to utilize my child’s photo for any marketing purposes