Dance Programs

Dance Programs

Creative Movement, Ages 3-5 (Potty Trained)

This developmental class for young children allows them to learn the basic skills of ballet and tap to help with their physical development, social skills, and coordination. This class runs with theme months using different songs, dances, and games that go along with the theme of the month. Using fun as a learning tool helps children develop gross motor skills, muscle control, and balance while integrating expression through rhythmical patterns and props.

Kinder-kids Ages 5-6

This class is structured the same as creative movement, including theme months with more emphasis on technique.

Combo Grades 1&2

This hour and a half long class introduces ballet, tap, and jazz to first and second graders. Students will learn technique and dance vocabulary all while still having fun.

Creative Movement Dance

​Ballet and Pointe

This class is structured by the introduction and progressions of ballet, by emphasizing terminology, and technique while incorporating anatomical placement, musicality, and execution. Ballet is the basic foundation of all dance forms and will improve strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Ballet is strongly recommended for all dancers to take in addition to other techniques.

Ballet Quincy MA


Traditional styles and current pop-cultural trends blend in an exciting and energizing class atmosphere. Classes begin with an intense warm-up based on the influence of the Horton ‘line’, isolations, strengthening exercises, and stretches. The class progresses with across the floor skills and combination phrases that incorporate expression, athleticism, personality, and style.


This class combines movement and rhythmic foot patterns. Warm-up, across floor skills, and movement combinations are built for increased coordination, clarity of sound, and rhythm.


An enthusiastic approach to a technique derived from a feeling of undoing ballet. Students will learn various techniques on Horton, Graham, Dunham, Limon, and Released based style. The framework for this class consists of warm-up exercises that strengthen the body, across the floor skills, improvisational skills, and movement studies which further explore the technique and challenge the students.


Contemporary dance capitalizes on the universal language of dance techniques and methods found in ballet, modern, postmodern dance, and others. The movement is more internal, showing the dancer’s strength, control, and diverse quality of movements. The essence of contemporary is to break new ground as it provokes, expresses, and reflects through abstract concepts, images, or emotional extremes.

Hip Hop

This high energy class is an integration of jazz and pure hip hop style, with age appropriate music. A combination of an invigorating warm-up and strengthening exercises, dancers will be encouraged to freestyle, using their own creativity and style taught to them making this class a favorite for all ages.

Musical Theater

A fun class of creating a musical production through dancing, singing, and acting. This class allows performers not only to learn and memorize lines but how to express themselves vocally and physically. It incorporates personal expression and style while portraying characterization within a theatrical presentation. This class runs in two sessions with a showcase of their musical at the end of each session.

Musical Theatre Quincy MA


Strengthen your dancing and acquire new tricks! Acro will focus on body contortion and tricks that defy the center of gravity. It’s a dance style that combines dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Students will work on adding excitement, grace, and flexibility to their skillset.

Velocity Dance Elite

This is selected group of performers who will represent Velocity Dance Elite at community events, charity functions, and professional performances. Velocity Dance Elite performers must be enrolled in Ballet, Jazz, and one additional dance genre throughout the performance season in addition to the Elite class. Dancers who participate must make a commitment for the entire season. Acceptance into the Velocity Dance Elite is by audition or referral of the director.

Not Your Average Wedding Dance

Blow your guest away with an exciting, unexpected dance at your wedding. Have us choreograph your non-traditional wedding dance or let us add on after as a “surprise dance”. Dances could be just the married couple or the whole bridal party. Let your wedding be the talk of the town, and let your memories last forever! Please contact the studio for further details.