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Welcome to Velocity Dance Company

We strive to provide a fun and respectful place for all students where they can express their creative abilities, develop positive self identification, and pursue their dance dream

Teaching Philosophy

It is well- known in dance that no other profession demands the variety of skills dancers and dance teachers must develop. Not only are we teachers, but we are called upon to be an analyst, costumer, choreographer, motivator, psychologist, nutritionist, and nurturer all while presenting style and grace. As a dance teacher of mostly young children and adolescents, this is why I believe a teacher’s role is so vital in their learning process. It is with consideration of these factors that I have based the foundation of my teaching philosophy.

What I want for my students is success not for anybody else, but themselves. It is my role as a teacher to provide opportunities for my students to explore, not only to find out who they are as a dancer, but as a person. The atmosphere of my classroom is structured with the progressions of my lesson plan, but open for my students to explore themselves by honoring their natural ability to move the way their bodies want to, while having fun. I encourage questions and class participation. I want my students to feel free and comfortable enough to try something new and different while at the same time, strengthening the knowledge they already have.

I believe in challenging a student with a firm, respectable approach, but in a way that is fair and reasonable. I believe the basis of all dance comes from the framework of technique, but also with allowance for personal expression. My teaching style and lesson plans are a perfect balance of teaching my students pure technique while incorporating free movement. Through learning and improving this technique is how my students progress from one stage to the next. I know what my students are capable of, and I push them to be the best that they can be.

Erica Limoncelli-Famador